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Star Wars Armada: Separatist Alliance Fleet Starter

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Fantasy Flight Games

Zacznij budować swoją flotę Sojuszu Separatystów i ruszaj do galaktycznej bitwy

War! Commanded by the sinister Count Dooku, the Separatist Alliance has drawn numerous worlds into open insurrection against the Galactic Republic, spreading chaos and tyranny in the name of greed. With its powerful warships and vast reserves of droid forces, the Separatist fleet seems an insurmountable threat to peace and freedom in the galaxy.

This Fleet Starter provides the building blocks for your own Separatist fleet, starting with a Munificent-class Frigate miniature and two Hardcell-class Transport miniatures. These ships are supplemented by four squadrons of Vulture-class Droid Fighters ready to swarm their enemies. In addition to these miniatures, six ship cards give you the power to choose the exact models that make up your fleet and 20 upgrade cards invite you to fine-tune each ship with iconic officers, powerful weapons, and more.

No matter how you decide to outfit your fleet, the Star Wars Armada: Separatist Alliance Fleet Starter is an excellent place to begin building your Star Wars: Armada collection. You’ll find all the components necessary to begin playing within this set, including nine attack dice, 10 command dials, eight speed dials, 12 objective cards, six obstacle tokens, a range ruler, and a maneuver tool. Assemble your fleet and destroy the enemy!

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