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Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Black Swan & Supergiant

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  • 2 plastikowe figurki do samodzielnego złożenia i pomalowania
  • 2 plastikowe podstawki
  • karty

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Atomic Mass Games

Dwie postaci dołączają do Black Order!

Thanos’ Black Order gains two powerful new members in Marvel: Crisis Protocol with Black Swan & Supergiant! A princess of an alternate Earth, Black Swan uses her ability to project eyebeams of energy and superhuman physique to support the Mad Titan’s conquest of worlds. Joining her is Supergiant, an omnipath and telepathic parasite. Her powers allow her to read the minds of and control anyone she encounters, which she uses to steal and devour the intellects of her hapless prey. Beyond their own powers, Black Swan and Supergiant also bring three Team Tactic cards that help them synergize with other members of the Black Order, making them an even more formidable fighting force.

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